Terms and Conditions

  1. Post in English. Your property description and name can be in thai or in other language, but it needs to be in english first.
  2. Make sure you check truthfully what features your property is offering. Visitors will search based on these features you selected and it could leat to problems for you.
  3. Dont forget to specify the location on the map. If you not wish you dont have to mark the exact location but at least mark the area in which the property is. So the visitors will have an idea of where it is located and if it fits their needs.
  4. IMPORTANT – put your contact details into theĀ Private Note field. So we can contact you directly in case we find a client for you. Phone number, email address or LINE/FACEBOOK ID is enough.
  5. Use non-decieving pictures. Upload pictures of the property you are offering not of something else.
  6. Post all the information you can about the property. The more information you provide the bigger chance to rent it out. Write some nice desription too so visitors will know about all the great things will get with renting your property.
  7. Use quality images. Try to make as nice picture as possible. (wipe your lense on your phone with a cloth before taking a picture, it wont take a blurry picture)
  8. Post mainly properties for rent. This site is for rentals. You can offer to sell here aswell, but put rental price first and selling price as secondary.
  9. Don’t put any outgoing links to other websites. Especially other real estate agencies or agents. Not even their social media. This is a free public service and we don’t want to promote any agencies or sites.
  10. No profanity, insulting or offensive language allowed. This goes without saying.


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